Friday, 27 April 2018

6 Ways to Succeed as a Home Tutor Entrepreneur

6 Ways to Succeed as a Home Tutor Entrepreneur

To start as a home tutor, first part of the process is to arrange a demo class and if you succeed in demo class then you will be hired as a tutor. To succeed as home tutor following are must follow rules.   

 Approaching Parents for Demo Class

Your  approach  should  be  like that  you  are going  to have job interview but  many  of  tutors  take very casual approach and consequently parent will  not ask  to come  for  demo class & will  provide  some  xyz  reason , to not to have a demo class.
Parents are looking for home tutor who having good communication skills, subject knowledge, experience & qualification, and the one who behave like a professional person. If you meet this criterion then only parent will call you for demo class.
As soon as you received the details of parent, try to make a phone call to parent and quickly fix a demo class. One should not send text message that sounds very unprofessional especially when you are contacting someone first time. Any delay in making a call, may result in loss of query due to high level of competition.
Tutor should arrange demo as soon as possible, if you are not arranging demo class same day or next day, your chances of getting class is reduced by 70% because at the same time other people must be approaching if their demo fixed before you, parent will hardly entertain you for demo class.
While fixing a demo make sure that you have taken complete address and have confirmation of timing. While talking to parents on phone, find out following information so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.
What topic or subjects student wants to study?
What are the expectations of parents from you?

 Prepare your Demo Class

Preparation is crucial to succeed in any endeavor you seek in life. Once you know the topic or subjects to be taught you should prepare that topic to such a level that you will be teaching that topic next day without using the book.

Be on Time and Well Dressed

Once you fixed the demo and prepared well your subject, now make sure that you will be on time and well dressed, being delay on first day is a bad impression .For that purpose, you can check the address on Google Map and plan your approach accordingly. Check availability of public transport if you do not have your own vehicle, figure out how you will reach on time it may take more time given dependence on public transport; therefore plan your journey accordingly.

Meeting Parents and Fee

While you meeting parents, your approach should be like that you’re in interview room, remember parents are looking for subject expert and professional person. Some time parents would like to discuss your qualification, experience and your way of teaching before demo class therefore you should be prepared for such question well in advance. If fee related issue comes during the meeting of parents, ask them politely to discuss with concerned agency or organization with which you are associated.

  Understanding of Child

Take 5 to 10 minutes to understand the child if you fail to do this, your demo will also fails. Following questions can help you.
What are the topics he or she has already covered?
What kind of difficulty he or she facing?
Is student good, excellent or average?
How was the performance in previous exam?

Matching the Frequency is Key to Success

 This is the crucial part of demo class. Once you figure the level of student, now fine your level of teaching to his /her level of understanding & start delivering your class. Your frequency must match student’s frequency to succeed in demo class that means your teaching level is directly proportional to understanding level of student.
In demo class try to discuss only one concept or topic, if you take too many concepts, it will be all hotchpotches consequently demo will be failed.
During demo by asking questions, you can inquiretutor whether student has understood the topic or not, try to make sure student understood whatever is taught. Now you can move to next topic in same way. Time duration of demo class must be from 45 to 60 minute.
Before you leave, ask time for next class.  As you delivered your best and there should not be any reason, that your class is not done.Tutors who have followed above their success rate in demo class were above 90%. For more information Click here