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JEE Main 2019 Registration

JEE Main 2019 registration process is started by National Test Agency ( NTA). Last Date to apply is 30th Sepetember 2018.
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Friday, 27 April 2018

6 Ways to Succeed as a Home Tutor Entrepreneur

6 Ways to Succeed as a Home Tutor Entrepreneur

To start as a home tutor, first part of the process is to arrange a demo class and if you succeed in demo class then you will be hired as a tutor. To succeed as home tutor following are must follow rules.   

 Approaching Parents for Demo Class

Your  approach  should  be  like that  you  are going  to have job interview but  many  of  tutors  take very casual approach and consequently parent will  not ask  to come  for  demo class & will  provide  some  xyz  reason , to not to have a demo class.
Parents are looking for home tutor who having good communication skills, subject knowledge, experience & qualification, and the one who behave like a professional person. If you meet this criterion then only parent will call you for demo class.
As soon as you received the details of parent, try to make a phone call to parent and quickly fix a demo class. One should not send text message that sounds very unprofessional especially when you are contacting someone first time. Any delay in making a call, may result in loss of query due to high level of competition.
Tutor should arrange demo as soon as possible, if you are not arranging demo class same day or next day, your chances of getting class is reduced by 70% because at the same time other people must be approaching if their demo fixed before you, parent will hardly entertain you for demo class.
While fixing a demo make sure that you have taken complete address and have confirmation of timing. While talking to parents on phone, find out following information so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.
What topic or subjects student wants to study?
What are the expectations of parents from you?

 Prepare your Demo Class

Preparation is crucial to succeed in any endeavor you seek in life. Once you know the topic or subjects to be taught you should prepare that topic to such a level that you will be teaching that topic next day without using the book.

Be on Time and Well Dressed

Once you fixed the demo and prepared well your subject, now make sure that you will be on time and well dressed, being delay on first day is a bad impression .For that purpose, you can check the address on Google Map and plan your approach accordingly. Check availability of public transport if you do not have your own vehicle, figure out how you will reach on time it may take more time given dependence on public transport; therefore plan your journey accordingly.

Meeting Parents and Fee

While you meeting parents, your approach should be like that you’re in interview room, remember parents are looking for subject expert and professional person. Some time parents would like to discuss your qualification, experience and your way of teaching before demo class therefore you should be prepared for such question well in advance. If fee related issue comes during the meeting of parents, ask them politely to discuss with concerned agency or organization with which you are associated.

  Understanding of Child

Take 5 to 10 minutes to understand the child if you fail to do this, your demo will also fails. Following questions can help you.
What are the topics he or she has already covered?
What kind of difficulty he or she facing?
Is student good, excellent or average?
How was the performance in previous exam?

Matching the Frequency is Key to Success

 This is the crucial part of demo class. Once you figure the level of student, now fine your level of teaching to his /her level of understanding & start delivering your class. Your frequency must match student’s frequency to succeed in demo class that means your teaching level is directly proportional to understanding level of student.
In demo class try to discuss only one concept or topic, if you take too many concepts, it will be all hotchpotches consequently demo will be failed.
During demo by asking questions, you can inquiretutor whether student has understood the topic or not, try to make sure student understood whatever is taught. Now you can move to next topic in same way. Time duration of demo class must be from 45 to 60 minute.
Before you leave, ask time for next class.  As you delivered your best and there should not be any reason, that your class is not done.Tutors who have followed above their success rate in demo class were above 90%. For more information Click here

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Changing Times in Education and Home Tuition in 2017

What is Education? If we look for a technical meaning then it says something like a process of facilitating, learning, or the acquisition of skills, values, beliefs and habits and what exactly are the method of giving education, they are storytelling discussion teaching training and research. Actually that is way of inculcating certain skill set in a person to make him/her better, focused and successful. When we are young we usually don’t believe in the process, many of us even hate it thinking a forced task by parents and teachers which is just a barrier in doing things that we love to do at young age like playing, having fun, and definitely not taking life seriously which is by the way great because it is supposed be like that childhood is the best phase in one’s life. We realize the value of education eventually it possess great power infact nowadays it’s a lot easier to get through exams and score well because these days students are provided with lot of help apart from school like coaching institutes , private tuition etc.

Home tuitions are obviously Little Expensive but very effective method in today’s time. It is quite helpful as entire hour is focused on studies and the doubts that can’t be cleared in a classroom can be easily done here as kids are not all embarrassed to ask any sort of questions related to the subject of course. Lately I have seen drastic change in the graph of home tuition. Earlier coaching institutes were more popular among students but in few years it has totally shifted to home tuition. Parents has started to like it more because their kids are right in front of their eyes, it saves more time of the student and most importantly parents are very much aware of the performance of their children. Studies are important but education is a broad version of it. It not only educates you academically but also makes you better person so I would only suggest parents and teachers to explain the importance of education to the kids and not making it a pressure on them by constant comparisons with their friends, cousins and neighbors. Make your kid a better person not just better marks who has the ability to keep going in life and makes a comfortable living too.

Being a home tutor is an incredibly special job. We get a chance to not only interact with the student but also with his study environment which gives a plus situation to a home tutor than a group tution. We know our students, in a one-on-one environment with the opportunity to have a profoundly positive impact on their lives like the areas the student is good and the understanding of the areas of improvement. There is (usually) only one student at a time, which means that we are able to focus on their needs alone, without the distraction of other students. We get an opportunity to tailor our skills as per the need of each and every student. With association of the parents and student we can create SWOT analysis of the student and this opens up the opportunity for us to see how they work, see the areas in which they struggle, and to tailor our approaches to meet their needs. 

Written By Aishwarya Sharma

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Defining Education

Education, the word may ring a familiar and contemporary bell of mass discord discontentment in the field of educational concepts and precepts, theory and practice, art and science, so characteristically representative of educational scenario today, except that these word were uttered by Aristotle thousands of years ago, when he confronted a similar scenario that we experience today. With the advancement of Science and Technology, a corresponding change occurs in one’s perceptions inversely affecting values, virtues aims and aspirations, objectives and approaches, at any given point of time? Education, therefore, is the mirror of a society and is its characteristic manifestation.
Education is the process of development which consists of the passage of the human being from infancy to maturity and, the process whereby he adepts himself gradually in various ways to his Physical, Social and Spiritual Environment. But even in his social process, the child needs support and freedom from an Economic pressure. And that is why education requires long period of social as well as biological infancy when the young would live of the labor of others be released of self support. Here, child should not become a parasite. He must pay back by realizing the goals and objectives that education sets for him up to his optimal capacity, sincerely and honestly. Education must focus on total and optimal development of human resources.
The word ‘EDUCATION’ has been interpreted in many ways .This word has been derived from a Latin roots:

(1)   Educatum – To train, Act of teaching, or Training
(2)   Educere    - To lead out, To draw out
(3)   Educare    -To bring up, To educate

Education means to train: ‘E’ means from insite or inside,
‘Duco’ means to draw out  or to bring up.
When we combine these two words we get “To draw from inside”. Developing process of drawing out from within, to make explicit what is implicit, education is to draw out and develop powers and capacities to the optimal. Educare and educere also mean it is essentially a process of developing a child’s inner dispositions, capacities and abilities to full use. It is a process of developing a Continuous process of continuous development.
So we can say that:

a.      Education is a process of drawing out innate powers.
b.      Education is a process of development of individuality
c.       Education is a process of producing change in a group.
d.      Education is a process of adjustment to environment.

Another explanation of education is given by Adams, he said education is a Two polar
process between student and tutor . however according to John Dewey education is a 
Tripolar process. it has three components, student, tutor and content.

Hence, education is a tri polar and interactive process in which the instructional interventions bring in the desired behavioral change in the student. We can get the content from our society, culture, customs, religion, values and ethics etc. Society is dynamic: it grows and decays, springs up again with renewed and stronger vitality, permeating into entire social edifice of which education is an important part. Society and education grow together, one leading the other in a cycle fashion: Society calling upon education to cater for what it considers desirable and worthwhile; Education, in its turn, throwing back its perceptions and experiences by way of its feedback, In a sprit of mutual inter- dependence, to harmonies social aspirations and expectations. Education and society are, therefore, inverse related: any change in one wills necessarily lead to change in other.  Education, in this sense, is the manifestation of social pursuits and longings with common basic framework. In other words, both are the two sides of same coin.
There are so many quotations in favor and that makes the term education easier.
  According to Mahatma Gandhi, “By education I mean an all round drawing out of the best                                                                            in child and man: body, mind, and soul
According to Socrates “education means the bringing out of the ideas of universal validity which are in the mind of every man.”
According to Frobel,” education is a process by which child makes his internal external he same coin.

To sum up, education is a purposeful conscious or unconscious celebrate or spontaneous, psychological, sociological, scientific and philosophical process which brings about the all round development of individual to its fullest extent in the best of his social interests in such a way that he enjoys maximum happiness and prosperity.

Written by: Pooja Sharma

My life as a Home Tutor

Just like any other job, providing home tuitions has been an exciting journey for me.
I have had experiences that probably I would have never had if I was in some other profession. Dealing with young minds could be a challenging task sometimes, especially when you’re on their turf and they feel they’re the boss.

Times have changed from when a teacher had to be respected regardless to hey!
 I’m paying you for this job​ which has changed how things occur. As a home tutor, we need to overcome that mindset of a child and parent and skillfully create a place for ourselves where we command respect and are looked upon as an educator and the person who provides a guidance rather than a service, which seems an easy task but with all honesty, this has been the biggest hurdle whenever I have started a new class. It is not a generalization though, sometimes, which is very rare, I do come across some children and their parents, who’re still old school and believe in the values that I as a child grew up with. Sometimes it is more difficult than one could comprehend and you would be constantly tested and it would take much longer for you after constantly proving before you could earn the trust of the student and their parents. Every tutor has a different way to accomplish this threshold in order to have a command over the class. Mine has always been a friendly approach, which is not the most easy approach to follow but I believe it is more productive in the long run.

I am not trying to debate on what approach is the best, it entirely depends on what you are comfortable with as an educator and what works for you in the best interest of the pupil. In the end, we must have our focus intact.

When I take on a child, I somehow feel responsible not only for their good grades, but also their interest towards studies, their general awareness, their smartness and happiness too. It is the most important aspect of being an educator; we must focus on the complete development of a child right from their minds to personality. Now to accomplish that in just 5 hours a week could be a bit of a long shot but it often works if we stay persistent to our noble cause. Yes noble indeed, which most of this world seems to have forgotten now, how noble is this job of parting your knowledge onto someone else and channelizing their energies and mind towards a productive future — making and shaping a soft puddle of mud into a beautiful artifact, shaping it with gentleness and hammering with a paddle till you pass it through the furnace and finally colour it into a vibrant masterpiece, these are all apart of shaping a life and creating a future.

I am very proud of what I do, even though it doesn’t earn me a million dollars, even though it doesn’t buy me luxuries of life that the most run after, it does give me an enormous satisfaction and tremendous joy to be able to do what I do.

Written By: Himesh Saraf

Monday, 24 July 2017

Unreal Expectations from Students and failure of School Evaluation System, Importance of Home Tutor and my experiences

I am a tutor, working with Mera Home Tutor since 2013.In last 4 years, I have taught mathematics, science, physics and chemistry for Class 9 to 12. While working in Home tuition industry, I have experienced several aspects of education. I decided to share few of my experiences through Mera Home Tutor blog which may help students, parents and tutors. Here I am not going to share all of my experiences but will definitely share few.

Why all Students don’t top the Exam

There is a myth that each & every child can top the exam, if he or she does hard work and apply some innovative techniques or change his or her ways of studies. My experience suggests quite opposite to this and parents must understand this fact.
In last 4 years I have taught 100’s of students, some were very good in studies but some were very poor. I would like to mention here that many of hardworking students were not able to get good marks in exams. I was surprised by this that hardworking students are not able to score well in exam as I also always believed that hard work definitely earns good marks in exam.
So why a hardworking student is not getting good marks, this question puzzled me for long. I tried many ways, changed teaching methods but there was not a great improvement in the result of such students.
Over the period of time I learned that these students has the problem in understanding concepts, they were not able to grasp difficult concepts due to low IQ level , due to this fact their success was limited even after hard work.
Here I am trying to make a point that Intelligence play greater role in exam performance, I am not saying that hard work or teaching methods are not important, both are equally important but Intelligence has greater role to play as far as topping the exam is concerned.
There were some students who are spending less number of hours on studies but still getting good marks. Why?
Answer is simple, based on my experience they were intelligent enough to grasp difficult concepts in less time, therefore they required less number of hours of practice and it enable them to solve difficult questions in exam.
On the basis of this experience, I have piece of advice for parents that Our expectations must be real and we all must strive for better performance of students, not only exam but also in real life, so they must be in position to face real life challenge after schooling.

Importance of Home Tutor

As far as I see myself, I am a tutor cum coach. I have motivated several students to achieve good grades in exam and I have employed a customized method of teaching for particular students, as one should not apply a general method of teaching for all students. Each student has different ability to understand, & different ways to understand things.
Teacher can do miracle in the life of students, I mentioned above myself tutor cum coach, and so what is coach all about. Coach is someone who understands the student, uses tailor made methods of teaching and most importantly goes to understanding level of student & start teaching from there , that’s how student connect to the tutor. Therefore student start understanding things and consequently performance improved. From here, right motivation produces outstanding results and exponential change in performance.
I have come across several other teachers who were using single method of teaching on all students, therefore their success was limited.

Failure of School Evaluation System

In May this year, I came across of student who is studying at a school of repute (one of the best school in region). His parents got reference of mine from one of my previous student that I am a good teacher so they contacted me and I had a meeting with parents, they told me that student is outstanding, she is scoring like 98 Marks out 100 in mathematics, I was happy to know this as I will be teaching a very good students, as marks are  the reflection that student’ Intelligence and student is good in studies. Still I told the parents that I will judge the student within two or three classes & will give you a detailed feedback.
I arranged class for next day, within hour I concluded that student is not as good as marks, still I told myself that it will be too early to judge in first class, so let me take some more classes. After two or three class I was convinced that students is very poor in algebra but I am amazed by the fact that Student scored 98 Marks out of 100 in Mathematics and he does not understand basic concepts of algebra. I was wondering that how this is possible as basic algebra is taught from Class 6 to 8 in Schools and He passed these exams with distinction. 
I was puzzled and disturbed that a class 10 student does not know the algebra and he still got outstanding marks. First problem, I was facing that how to respond to parents as they will definitely ask about their child because my feedback will be going to contradict school marks.
I decided that it will be good to be straight forward that your child is not as good as marks because in India if student is getting like 98 Marks out 100 in Maths, first thing comes to parent’s mind is admission of their ward in IIT. Therefore it was necessary to tone down the expectations of parents otherwise six months later; they will blame me for the poor performance in competitive exams.
Well , first they did not believe me and start showing school’s answer sheets, I told them that I do not know that why she does not know algebra and still performing well in exam. Now it was very important for me to find the answer.
After week long brainstorming, I concluded that it seems that teacher in school was focusing on selected questions and student has mugged up those questions and he attempted & got almost full marks.
This is very disturbing for me as a teacher and parent that school evaluation system fail to identify that student is very poor in algebra; it is the failure of our schools, teacher at school and whole education system.
It shows that there is urgent need to change the system of evaluation of students, it is very important to identify the weaker areas of students at early stage of school education because at higher level education it become very difficult to improve the weaker areas.
So I have shared some of experiences as a tutor and I hope that it will be helpful for students, teachers and parents.

written by Abhi Bharadwaj

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Rural Education System in Shambles

When a child opens eyes in this world, their parents start dreaming and making effort for the better future of their child and evidently, so far education is a best and easiest way of doing it. But in rural India, there is a different story on part of both parents and role of education system. Here, I will emphasis on role of parents because of its social context, and education system.

Parents are first school, therefore educated parents and their understanding of the issues, play an important part in the children’s life. But it seems that first school in rural India is not good enough to help their children in their studies as parents are not well educated and they are not aware of that how education can change the life of their children, however it is not parents to blame for it, it is the poor education system and there is a social-economic context to be blamed. Therefore;   in rural India, a large number of parents are reluctant towards educating their children. There is a need to point out attributes which are responsible for not sending children to school and indispensable to highlight these factors since government is providing free education up to 12th standard in rural areas, still parents are not sending their children to school.

Parents believe that free education upto 12th standard is not enough, for their children to be employed and they can not afford higher education. And education system at the level of primary had not been efficient enough, therefore most of the students are not able to get through at 10th and 12th board exam and this fact is troubling and discouraging for most of the parents, lead to reluctance towards sending children to school. Parents think that it is a waste of 8 or 9 years as their children are not able to get through at 10th or 12th and instead of wasting time at school, it is better to teach the local skills or working in farm, so they can start earning at early age. Here it is very important to notice, poor education is more responsible than parents.

Now the question is, inspite of government effort as nearly 83% villages and 94% of the population has a primary school within a distance of one kilometre , what stopping children in rural India to get qualitative primary education. There can be so many factors but main factor is lack of competent and committed teacher, some secondary factors may be such as text books and access to technology. Teachers in primary school are not committed to teach students or they are not competent enough, they never come on time and no teaching classes. But amazing thing is, these schools have 100% passing rate and that continues to till 8th or 9th class, and while in 10th board exam, same students do not get through and it sends back a very negative message towards rural society and children.

However, having such a poor education system, there are few children get through 10th and 12th   exam and led  them to have access of further higher education, to become employable. As mentioned before, one who passed 12th is not skilled enough to be employed most probably. These few students anyhow complete their higher education and get employed but poor education remain liability for them all along their life. But upto some extent, they bring the positive message to the rural society and to their parents and encourage the society to send their children to school however number of such students are not much, so it do not have a very big impact on society.

Therefore poor education system has a direct impact on rural youth as poor education at primary level does not allow to access of higher education however fraction of youth get access of higher education but they remain less competitive. Consequently, this plight of rural youth has direct impact on rural economy, therefore, a large population in rural India still to get feelings that their country growing at rate of 8% or 9% or second fastest growing economy in the world.

Now the question is how to improve this poor education system, few things can be suggested as follows.

Firstly there is a need of efficient selection panel which make sure that competitive teacher have been selected to offer primary education, the reason to raise this point because in the absence of corruption free selection panel, one can not expect honest selection and it lead to incompetent selection of teacher.

Secondly, Government must set up performance based monitoring system, poor performing school should be penalised and performance measurement should be the performance of students in board exams, there can be some more parameters in addition to this but it needs a more depth analysis.

Thirdly, I see the a lots of good students end up with nothing in the absence of good guidance system, therefore government should set up guidance centre in rural areas blockwise or district wise and make sure can easily access by rural youth.

Having said that, there are some good sign for privilege section of the rural society towards education in rural India as private sector entering into education sector and they are helping few students from rich families since private education can not be afforded by each and everyone in rural India.

Lastly; government should concentrate on above recommendation to improve the health of public education system because large rural population do not have access to private education because of their economic conditions.