Thursday, 10 August 2017

My life as a Home Tutor

Just like any other job, providing home tuitions has been an exciting journey for me.
I have had experiences that probably I would have never had if I was in some other profession. Dealing with young minds could be a challenging task sometimes, especially when you’re on their turf and they feel they’re the boss.

Times have changed from when a teacher had to be respected regardless to hey!
 I’m paying you for this job​ which has changed how things occur. As a home tutor, we need to overcome that mindset of a child and parent and skillfully create a place for ourselves where we command respect and are looked upon as an educator and the person who provides a guidance rather than a service, which seems an easy task but with all honesty, this has been the biggest hurdle whenever I have started a new class. It is not a generalization though, sometimes, which is very rare, I do come across some children and their parents, who’re still old school and believe in the values that I as a child grew up with. Sometimes it is more difficult than one could comprehend and you would be constantly tested and it would take much longer for you after constantly proving before you could earn the trust of the student and their parents. Every tutor has a different way to accomplish this threshold in order to have a command over the class. Mine has always been a friendly approach, which is not the most easy approach to follow but I believe it is more productive in the long run.

I am not trying to debate on what approach is the best, it entirely depends on what you are comfortable with as an educator and what works for you in the best interest of the pupil. In the end, we must have our focus intact.

When I take on a child, I somehow feel responsible not only for their good grades, but also their interest towards studies, their general awareness, their smartness and happiness too. It is the most important aspect of being an educator; we must focus on the complete development of a child right from their minds to personality. Now to accomplish that in just 5 hours a week could be a bit of a long shot but it often works if we stay persistent to our noble cause. Yes noble indeed, which most of this world seems to have forgotten now, how noble is this job of parting your knowledge onto someone else and channelizing their energies and mind towards a productive future — making and shaping a soft puddle of mud into a beautiful artifact, shaping it with gentleness and hammering with a paddle till you pass it through the furnace and finally colour it into a vibrant masterpiece, these are all apart of shaping a life and creating a future.

I am very proud of what I do, even though it doesn’t earn me a million dollars, even though it doesn’t buy me luxuries of life that the most run after, it does give me an enormous satisfaction and tremendous joy to be able to do what I do.

Written By: Himesh Saraf

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