Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Valuable advice to students while studying

Students must focus on few important points while studying, as it helps in understanding the basics of that subject.These points could​ be following:
1) What is it ?
2) Why is it being studied?
3)How it will be applied?

After asking these question you will be able to know what is the purpose of studying.
The main purpose of the education is not just to cram the subject and to write it in the examination but when you study higher classes and move ahead in life , you must be  in a position to use apply these concepts.
So every concept that is studied by you in your previous classes is not only used in your next classes but also you will use it in the real life.
Suppose you want to be an astronaut then without having the knowledge of trigonometry you can't be. Because the concept of trigonometry will be used in astronomical physics that is compulsory to be an astronaut.
So whatever you are studying is valuable and you are to apply it .
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